And Zuki came along

Sora cat Chame

Toscana 2 cat, Zuki,  Altos del Maria, Sora


 In Altos Del Maria, Zuki was inherited from an English Altoid, who was leaving and returning to Europe.   Zuki missed her mum (and home) so much, that for the first 18 months, she kept walking home (over a mile).   After many days. sometimes weeks, I would find her there, and bring her back.  She was a sensitive girl.  Very loving and thoughtful.  I don’t believe she had a bad bone in her body.  But she did demand to be Queen of the area – and that caused major friction with Fluffy.  Tiger also didn’t take kindly to such dominance.  And then in 2016, she didn’t come home.

And if I said, I really knew you well
What would your answer be?
If you were here today
Ooo ooo ooo, here today

Well, knowing you
You’d probably laugh and say
That we were worlds apart
If you were here today
Ooo ooo ooo, here today

But as for me,
I still remember how it was before
And I am holding back the tears no more
Ooo ooo ooo, I love you, ooo

What about the time we met?
Well, I suppose that you could say
That we were playing hard to get
Didn’t understand a thing
But we could always sing

What about the night we cried?
Because there wasn’t any reason
Left to keep it all inside
Never understood a word
But you were always there with a smile

And if I say I really loved you
And was glad you came along
And you were here today
Ooo ooo ooo, for you were in my song
Ooo ooo ooo, here today

Lyrics by Paul McCartney, ‘Here Today’

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